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    HL Composing help! ashes204

    I did the short story for the pre and genuinely thought it was very good. I had written a similar one in class and my teacher thought it was brilliant. However, I only received 46 out of 100 for it in the pre. Now I'm not sure what to do for the real thing because I don't know if I could have written a better story. Are stories marked harder? Or were the pres just marked very hard in general? Or should I go for a different type of writing in the real thing?

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      I had the same experience. Used a short story I had written in fifth year but managed to change it a good bit to fit in with the title. Only got 60/100 despite getting an A1 before. Perhaps look at the marks you got for purpose? Is it definitely relevant to the title?

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      @stephlumo Well done 60/100 in the pre is really good!! I only got 14/30 for purpose but I also only got 4/10 for mechanics despite making no spelling or grammar mistakes.. I usually get high Bs in English but in my pre I only scraped a C3. I don't how I can improve though.

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