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    HL English - Did I do Okay? Norton

    Just have a few questions. If anyone can answer them that'd be great.

    I answered the Othello question fine.

    However, the comparative I found difficult enough. Would I still get enough points to pass if I just simply compared the texts using quotes and such to back it up? I did explain briefly why they were realistic/unrealistic too.

    And for the poetry, was it okay to just discuss Ni Chuillinean's poetry without relating to the question? I didn't understand what the question was asking so I just described all of her poetry with quotes to back up.


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      I was the same for the comparative but focused on the question and you probably should have focused on the actual question for eilean but that's just my opinion :)

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      I couldn't remember what formidable meant. I have a really bad vocabulary haha. Thanks :)

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      Either did i so I did frost

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      think formidable is the French for great/wonderful :L I just said her poetry is great and discussed poems :)

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      I should have remembered that too... I'm a big fan of Stromae..

      It's what I hate about the leaving. It's so unjust. They could include a difficult word in a question which we might not remember and boom there goes your course.

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      didnt know what evocative meant for montague so i just went through imagery, feelings and themes in 5poems instead

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      I was the exact same with Ni Chuillinean, when it asked why her poetry is challenging I just said that its 'challenging' to decipher what the theme of her poems are. I was just talking through my ass really but hopefully it worked out for the both of us

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