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HL Juno Comparative notes
by Sarahcox99 Leaving Cert English — 06/06/17 16

I'm just wondering does anyone have any LC HL comparative notes on Juno/Big Maggie or Foster and could you email them on to me please.

dylan1999 — 10/12/16
nonchalontmoran — 10/12/16
Could you email me the notes too?
KillianOC — 10/12/16
Sarahcox99 — 10/12/16
That's great would you mind emailing them to me please ����
Niamhsaw — 11/12/16
Could you email me too please?
dylan1999 — 13/12/16
I have notes for juno and foster only
Claudiac1842 — 13/12/16
Could I have a copy your notes on Juno and foster also please @dylan1999
K.L — 14/12/16
Hi Dylan, could I please have a copy of those notes too? New to this...do I put my email on here?
dylan1999 — 19/12/16
Sarahcox99 — 19/12/16
sarahcx99@gmail.com thanks Dylan
nonchalontmoran — 20/12/16
If you can bridgetmoran99@icloud.com
Bcs1 — 13/01/17
I did my leaving cert last year and now I'm selling all my notes. I have an A1 standard comparative answer which inclues Juno, Foster, A dolls house, The Kings speech and The plough in the stars.
Kenoly_7510 — 02/05/17
Hey Dylan could you please email me a copy of the Juno notes too please carmelo87365@gmail.com
alisha.marie91 — 14/05/17
Dylan could I get them notes too please? alisha.marie91@yahoo.ie ! thank youu.
Mcr9 — 05/06/17
Could I have them to please dylan? mryan1652@gmail.com
Jackd199898 — 06/06/17
If anybodys got those notes could they send them on to me at jackd9184@gmail.com
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