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    HL Poetry (Irish poets) PadiK

    Does an Irish poet definitely always come up? (surely one does). If so does that mean one of Yeats, Durcan and Ní Chuilleanáin will come up?

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      Chances are high that Ní Chuilleanain won't come up since she came up last year.

      And yes, an Irish poet always come up. Always

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      So if I study Yeats and Durcan I'll be grand?

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      You should be

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      John smith234

      Jenny you wouldn't know if poets have actually come up 2years in a row? I was thinking about it and i couldn''t imagine them putting her on instead of one of the other 2.

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      Ní Chuilineain's last year on course too

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      @John Plath came up in 2013+2014

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      Aislin Worsnop

      Isn't Larkin an Irish poet though?

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      Larkins coming up my dad has a friend who knows the chief examiner for english and he accidentally let it slip at a BBQ the other week

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      Aislin Worsnop

      Just don't understand why everyone is categorising Durcan, Ní Chuileanain and Yeats as the only Irish poets.. Am I missing something?

      if I were to study only Irish poets it would be Yeats, Durcan, Ni Chuileanain and Larkin? Right?

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      Aislin, the crucial fact you're missing is that Larkin is English you gombeen

      Also will Lyons is $100% telling the truth trust me

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      The chief examiners don't make the exams, they came to my school and said rumour among examiners was bishop but that all those rumours are usually wrong amd spread by someone just looking to stir stuff up

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