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    How are you preparing for Paper 1? AaronP47

    I'm certain the Immigration crisis in Europe is going to show....I'm going to learn of a load of statistics in Violence, Terrorism and Rape.

    Anyone have any ideas for short stories?

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      I say learn vocab, if your info narration and or aesthetic writing learn some general description u can use in anything like a setting a person a feeling. If you know your preferred language mode learn that and another as in the components to that language, if it's persuasion learn the write words to use the repetition, pen picture etc. Just know your technique for each mode and your vocab and you will be fine

      Be on purpose and the rest will come when pen goes to paper

      Good luck xx

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      ^Thank you for the advice! :)

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      Most important thing is go in there with a clear head and write, anyone can write you just need to let yourself get into what your writing :)

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