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How many poems should you examine in an answer
kelseytdcc17 Leaving Cert English — 09/06/16 9

how many poems do you guys talk about in your answers i normally do 5/6 and do fairly well

Ms_Tobin — 06/06/16
4 with reference to a 5th should suffice :)
neev98 — 06/06/16
you have to do 6! We were all penalized heavily in the mocks because of this. Apparently it says it on the sec website now :)
Ktluvsmusic — 09/06/16
Niamh darling are u shitting me :'(
bobbybob — 09/06/16
It never mentions that in the marking schemes neev, minimum of 4 is what most teachers say?
rachk1001 — 09/06/16
leanned597 — 09/06/16
4 well and refer to another
Amy_6717 — 09/06/16
4 and briefly reference a 5th!
Jamie004 — 09/06/16
Ideally 5 but 4 good ones with a reference to 5 is good. You don't need to do 6. 5 is more than enough.
Svc98 — 09/06/16
You can get away by mentioning you have studied 6 and naming them in your intro then saying which ones you will discuss
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