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    How Much Should I Be Writing? studybuddy15

    Im in 5th year now. For the English Leaving Cert next year about how much should I be writing for each section. Thank you!

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      sup studybuddy15, nice to see you again, my english teacher says that it depends on the marks, for the following marks she says:

      10 marks: 1.5 - 2 pages

      20 marks: 2-3 pages

      30 marks: 3-4 pages

      40 marks: 4-5 pages

      50 marks; 5-6 pages

      60 marks: 6-7 pages

      70 marks: 7 pages

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      and i know, this is too much to write.

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      Hi hamzamughees, nice to see you too. My english teacher was saying the same sort of thing but i just found it hard to believe that we are expected to write that much in the span of 3 hours and 20 minutes. it just doesnt seem realistic. But thank you anyway.

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      No problem

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      Does anyone have realistic numbers that will still get you the required marks or so. thank you

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      Don't listen to Hamza he has no idea what he's talking about

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      Comparative 4/5 pages

      Single Text 4 pages

      Poetry 4 pages

      Composing 4 pages

      15 mark question 1 page

      20 mark question 1.5 pages

      50 mark question 2.5 pages (paper 1)

      unseen poetry 1.5 pages

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      Well I was just saying what my English teacher had told me... michaels u can do whatever ur teacher told u to do.

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      Quality > quantity keep that in mind also. 3 pages of quality beats 5 pages of pure shite.

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      Ok thanks michaels for that, i have known hamza since the junior cert and he has been very helpful. I would just advise that if you want to get along with people, that you dont say things like "dont listen to hamza he has no idea what hes talking about" and instead just give your opinion but thanks anyway for your advice.

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      Thanks Yoshmyster96!

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      Thanx studybuddy15.

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      No worries

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