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    I think I failed jenny0

    Every other part of the exam was grand enough but I only wrote like three and a bit pages in the composition part. I did the first one about the three greatest achievements in human history btw

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      John smith234

      Its quality over quantity. I got 80 on a 3 page personal essay before. You need about 1.5 pages for a 50 mark composition so 3 pages roughly for a 100 mark composition. People that write like 5 or more are either writing junk or lying.

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      This really gives me hope! Thank you so much!! Some people were writing like 7 pages and I felt like sh!t because there was no way in hell i would've written as much in the time given! Thanks so much! Good luck

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      Only got 3 pages done with very small writing - your question B will hopefully scoop the most marks and don't have anymore post mortems about the exams!

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      I heard you should aim for 700 - 1000 words. I wrote 780 roughly in about 3 and a half pages. Don't worry, if the quality is there, you will be marked as such.

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      Thank you all so much

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