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    Is doing the 3 irish poets safe enough? neev98

    I've been told by m teacher (and by looking at past papers) that there's always an Irish and a female poet on the paper. I've stuck to Yeats, Durcan and Ni Chuilleanain but is that enough? I know them quite well and all predictions are saying Yeats and Durcan??

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      Do T.S ELIOT as well

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      Yes my sweet larva! 3 poets is more than enough to sacrifice :) I'd recommend capturing your poets the day before the sacrifice, as the gods of the Junior Cert like their sacrifices fresh :) hope this helped xoxo - ElSquarbo

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      Yep you can stick to just those three poets. You're always guaranteed an Irish poet.

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      John smith234

      guys im thinking about only learning off Yeats and Durcan is that safe? i really couldn't imagine a paper without them this year.

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      Maybe, but know your other poets in less detail too. I can see Yeats coming up in a comprehension

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      Durcan and Yeats youll be sorted

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      John smith234

      Why the hell did my teacher do 6 poets if we only needed to do 3 irish poets to be guaranteed a poet coming up wtf. We could have focused on something else.

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