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Is it safe to say Eileen Ni Chuilleanain won't come up?
taia.gordei Leaving Cert English — 17/05/16 4

I'm just planning to study Elizabeth Bishop, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, and (TS Eliot or Durcan)

Ireland1997 — 17/05/16
Not exactly. She is a good one to study alright because the themes and inspiration of her poems are the same. When I asked my teacher the same, he told me that nothing is predictable in English. He's right, just learn common themes of all your poems and you'll be sorted. :-)
Bengee — 17/05/16
Why not Yeats
ste — 17/05/16
haha hashbox
taia.gordei — 17/05/16
My teacher hasn't went through Eileen NÍ Chuilleanain at all, so I'm hoping the other poets come up. (Teacher also didn't go through Yeats)
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