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    King Lear Al98

    Key moments of Goneril's cruelty?

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      act 1 scene 1

      she convinces Regan to treat Lear firmly

      act 1 scene 3

      starts manipulation against Lear by adopting rudeness towards him blames his and his knights unruly behavior

      act 1 scene 4

      displays complete heartlessness and cruelty attacks in cold and informal language cuts down his knights

      act 2 scene 4

      combines with Regan to strip Lear of all his knights thus rendering him powerless shows cruelty when she is not bothered by Lear going out into the storm

      act 3 scene 7

      demands that Gloucester be tortured instead of killed for helping Lear

      act 4 scene 6

      although she is not in this scene her letter coneys that she wants Edmund to kill Albany so that they an be together

      act 5 scene 3

      she poisons Regan so that she can have Edmund to herself

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      when she eats lears toes

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