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    King Lear Character Q jozx7r

    If a question came up on 2 or 3 specific characters e.g people are predicting Cordelia & the Fool, is it okay if you do your introduction paragraph and then maybe 4 paragraphs on Cordelia and then 3 paragraphs on the Fool? Or would you have to incorporate one point with both characters in one paragraph? I have essays done on each character so it would be so much better if I could discuss each character in 3/4 paragraphs each ..

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      It's better to combine them, because (although it's not always true) you can be given only half marks if you don't compare them (if the question says compare/contrast)

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      Will it ever be just "discuss" ? In that case would it be okay to do seperately? I'm terrible at English, all I've done is learn loads of things off by heart .. :(

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      could you please send the fool answer to

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      I was going to do what you said but have some comparing and contrasting lines in each paragraph like how they are both the embodiment of loyalty and fidelity. How they have similar roles etc.

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      Yeah the linking lines should be okay, as long as it's not summaries or just two seperate answers on each one

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