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King Lear - Single Text Q
jozx7r Leaving Cert English — 05/06/16 4

If they ask a question about, for example, Edmunds cruelty, can you include one paragraph regarding his goodness saying "However, ..." or must every paragraph suit the question being asked?

jozx7r — 04/06/16
Also, what is the likelihood of a character question coming up? I'm truly buggered if one doesn't come up :(
Ttomk1111 — 04/06/16
I'd say it's pretty likely, but I could see them putting one on the fool
colleenwf — 05/06/16
My teacher reckons the fool and cordelia are high contenders
h.ollie_ — 05/06/16
Imagery and Symbolism has also never been examined
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