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    LC HL English Poetry Predictions Meganwalsh

    I only want to study about four poets and havent studied John Donne. Any predictions for poets likely to come up on the paper?

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      Mercy Tennyson

      Eilean Ni Chuilleanan she's Irish and its her first time being on the course that and she's still alive. I'd study her poetry in detail.

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      Ni Chuilleanan.John dohn ,Robert frost and John Montague if i was you id study 3 of these because last year they shafted everyone by taking out two of the most expected poets and putting in yeats who was on from the year before.They could do anything but the moral is they could easily shaft us. So be ready for that

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      Ok thank youuuuu :)

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      Yeats his 150 years this year.

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      Ní Chuilleanáin fingers crossed!!

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      I'd advise john donne ;) haha

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