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    Ní Chuilleanáin sarah.odonoghue.961

    Does anyone have any good notes or tips on N

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      ^ Ní Chuilleanáin's poetry that they would be willing to share? Thanks :)

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      What i did was I made a grid. It simplified everything and made it a lot easier to interpret and learn off.

      My grid was basically laid out like this

      --------- Point 1 - quote 1 -point 2 - quote 2 - point 3 - quote 3

      Poem 1

      Poem 2

      Poem 3


      You basically pick out three main points from each poem a quote to go with each point and maybe some poetic rules to go with each and fill them into the grid, then learn everything off from the grid, made learning a lot easier as sonn as i started doing that, hope it helps. :)

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      Answers that deal with only one poem per paragraph are in real danger of falling into a 'summary trap', i.e. simply summarising the poem without making any real point or reference to the question. A strong answer will deal with at least two poems per paragraph, linked by an opening statement that answers the question directly.

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