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    Need help with King Lear!! emilyh1708

    I am completely freaking out about my leaving cert and especially English! Does anyone have any tips on the king Lear question or any idea what question will come up for it?

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      I'm on the same boat! I've heard imagery/symbolism could come up this year .. It's important to know your main characters well, it'll make answering the questions much easier as you can bring in your characters (just don't go off the topic of the question!)

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      Dont worry im freaking out about english paper 2 aswell :P i also heard imagery/symbolism could come up and judging by previous exam questions just know the characters well because they ask about villainous characters and also about Lears situation mirroring Gloucester's!

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      thank you!!

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      also themes like blindness, justice, family, love, good & evil! There are some good notes online have a look, the queations arent as bad as I thought :)

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      thank you again :D

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      Just know the story of Lear's development throughout the play and Goneril and Regan's impact on it all. My teacher told us that he has friend who has been studying the papers for years and he has a feeling that a question about Lear himself will come up! But just be prepared for a question on Goneril and Regan and even Edmund! Good luck with your studying.

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