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    need to pass honours english HELP! shaunalouisem

    Hey :)

    I have been in honours english since second year and have not really had any problems with it apart from developing my answers. howevere at the start of sixth year my teacher made me move down and told i would fail if i didn`t. I have been doing ordinary level english since october and are finding hard to adjust to the differenet way of approaching questions. Along with that i aslo discovered i need at least a D3 in honours english to get the course i want in college. Does anyone think it is possibible to achieve this after doing ordinary level for a few moths and haveyou any tips on how

    to achieve this grade :)

    all replys much appreciated.

    Thanks :)

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      here are a few revision notes and essays for english that might help:

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      Thank you :-)

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      I'm in 3rd year doing honours maths originally after 1st year I was put in to pass maths I had heard from a relation who does maths grinds that it is not their decision whether or not you do pass or honours it is yours, so after finding out that my parents told the school that they wanted me to do honours, I was immediately moved to honours :) so I'm sure it's the same for any other subjects, hope this helps :)

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      Thanks for the great advice :-)

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      gurl i got a B in my pre ND not a bit of study done... justb learn off COUPLE OF essay intro and closings :) you'll be grand.. dont worry!

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      Thank you for the great advice :-)

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      It's your decision to drop down or not. Talk to your current English teacher and see what they think. The old one might have been doing you a favour because if you fail English, you fail your leaving so maybe you have more of a chance at Ordinary Level. Maybe talk it over with the guidance counsellor? However, missing five months of a course might make it a little difficult to catch up, if you work hard, you could do it.

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