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    Paper 1 Comprehensions Marking Scheme? tega.dortie

    I know the comprehensions are marked using P.C.L.M (purpose, language, coherence, mechanics) but after i checked the marking scheme for a question I see there are possible points we are expected to discuss. My question is if we do not discuss these points will we lose marks, and how many points must we discuss? For example lets say out of 6 possible points I discuss 3. Must I discuss all 6 for full marks?.... I"m confused with the marking system for English would anyone be willing to explain to us all? Thanks.

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      You'll notice that there is 'etc' as the last point. The marking scheme is largely a guide for examiners, and not a definitive list of what students will discuss. My advice is yo stop over thinking the MS amd focus on how many marks is going for the question.

      10 mark question shoild make 2-3 points, with quotes from the passage.

      15 marks - 3 short points

      20 marks - 4 short points.

      Aim to write just a little more than the amount of marks going for it. Eg, 10 marks should be a little more them 10 lines, 15m more than 15 lines etc.

      Hope this helps.

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      Typos left, right amd centre there sorry, typing from an iPad.

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