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    PAPER 1 (OL) QUICK QUESTION PLEASE jamielovesmusic123

    Hello There,

    So for OL in our COMPREHENDING section there is THREE TEXTS and we have to answer either a QUESTION A or a QUESTION B in each of the three texts.

    I'm not sure if we have to answer TWO OUT OF THE THREE TEXTS or ALL OF THE TEXTS.

    For Example Do I Answer:

    - TWO Q A'S AND 1 QB


    - ONE QA AND ONE QB???

    So Basically do we have to answer 2 out of 3 texts or ALL of them??

    Thank You.

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      You answer 1 q a from a text and q b from a different text.

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      Thank You! So does that mean I leave ONE TEXT completely out for example : I answer QA from TEXT 1 and QB from TEXT 3 and just leave TEXT 2 out altogether? :)

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