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Paper 2 (HL)
Shauna_3688 Leaving Cert English — 06/06/16 3

What questions will they ask in relation to the poets? Under the heading cultural context for the comparative what do you write about? Would it be role of men & women, money and setting?? Also in King Lear what could you write about in relation to imagery & symbolism?? Id really appreciate if someone could answer these or else any links would be helpful to some good notes or websites! :)

ClodaghDon — 06/06/16
With poetry questions they usually ask you your opinion on something about the poet eg; their style, use of language, imagery, their ability/inability to relate to modern times. The main thing is to voice your opinion on it and say how they affected you Cultural context is the "world" in which the text is set This could include; backdrop social class role of women religion relationships For King Lear there is 2 main imagery; animal imagery and blindness & seeing Animal imagery is used to explore the value of human life and to condemn human villainy (Goneril and Regan) Blindness and seeing- Lear's moral blindness through love test, Gloucester's physical blindness through eye gouging scene Symbolism can be a lot of things like the love test is a symbol of Lear's weak and conceited character, the storm symbolises Lear's tormented mind, the letter is a symbol of betrayal and treachery
Shauna_3688 — 06/06/16
Thanks a mill!!! (:
ClodaghDon — 06/06/16
No problem, good luck with everything! Hope it helped
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