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    PCLM katebeirne

    Whats the best way to score very high in purpose? What are examiners looking for other than simply answering the question?

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      Clarity of Purpose

      30% of marks available for....

      1. The question is directly answered.

      2. Relevant, Original work.

      3. Where the student shows a clear understanding of genre. (e.g don't write a newspaper article as a public debate).

      4. There is a clear aim and purpose to your answer.

      My best advice to do well in the purpose section is to plan. Plan each question you are going to answer making sure you stick to the question and in theory you should score well in P. Try practicing past questions and referring back to the marking scheme for that year to see if you answered what they were looking for, also don't get too bogged down on PCLM concentrate on timing and answering the exam to the best of you're ability, the marks will follow suit.

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      Thanks Eoin!

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