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    Poet Predication Advice studydate

    I have studied 5 of the 8 poet on the course.Bishop,Durcan,Yeats,Plath and Eilean ni Chuilleanain .

    Is there any poet I should play particular attention to ? I know this is Bishops last time on the course for a few years but she has come up many times in the past. Does anyone know if 1 dead poet ,1irish poet and 1 female poet still apply ?

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      Bishop is on for 2017 as well

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      Paul Duran

      T.S Eliot

      Elizabeth Bishop

      Emily Dickinson

      Sylvia Plath

      Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin/Philip Larkin/ W.B Yeats are not coming up

      Predictions in order

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