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    Poetry 2017 predictions annemariejordan

    Any predictions for 2017 poetry , would you say Durban will come up again

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      I wish I knew, hopefully Plath or Boland.

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      Plath has came up too many times i wouldn't say it will again

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      Supposedly, Boland is likely

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      I'm a student aswell and from what I've researched it's either going to be Boland or Eliot. There is supposedly, nearly always a choice between one female and one male poet. Don't take my word for this :P

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      Would say Plath has a good chance because it is her last year on the course (for now) and Boland is on the 2018 course, however, there is only one other female poet on the 2018 course so if Boland came up, it might only leave one female for the next year.

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      Natalia Majczak

      apparently Plath - depression + dark emotions and Boland- Human relationships (marriage/parental) and language boland uses

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      i feel like plath is definitely going to come up

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      Boland is on one of the pre papers and the pre papers are done by predictions for the actual thing so hopefully Boland

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      I think Donne or Keats are the most likely going to appear on the paper

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