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    Poetry Difficulties. Mikiasu

    I really really cannot ''open my heart'' as my dad sarcastically tells me, to poetry. I honestly hate the sheer idea of it (No offence to any poetry lovers out there.) But I'm having an extremely hard time trying to write up a response to ANY poetry question,and that difficulty comes from both my hate of poetry, and lack of interest. Can anyone who has no difficulty with English suggest SOME way of getting around this? Do I try and memorise sample answers? What do I do?!

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      You have just contradicted yourself. If you can't 'open your heart' so to speak to the poetry, that is still a viable personal response. Just gloss up the fact that the poetic techniques that you are studying are complex and hard to evoke a personal response to and you will do fine!

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      Learn quotes and take what you mean from the poem, even if it's not what your teacher has taught you, I'm sure they would be willing to help out in any of your opinions.

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