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    Poetry HL alexduffy98

    What poets do you think are likely to come up on the higher level paper?

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      Paul Carey

      I am a Leaving Cert English teacher in VTOS Navan and have to prepare mature students for the exam in one year so I have to be selective particularly with the poetry. I believe that Durcan, Eliot and Yeats and maybe Bishop are in the fore.

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      Paul Carey

      Does anybody have any suggestions about the theme of Paper one this year. Since this is the 100 year anniversary of 1916 something on cultural identity or Ireland in the coming future might come up. Has anyone any ideas?

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      A dead poet, an Irish poet and a female poet have to come up sooo..

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      I went to a revision course recently (I'm a student) and the tutor said that the paper 1 could more than likely revolve around terrorism/violence or of that nature due to the current situation. Also I guess that could link in with the 1916 Rebelion..

      Also have a feeling that Durcan, Yeats and Elliot are coming up. What woman I don't know

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      Paul Carey

      Plath has been done to death. I think Bishop will be on the paper, Ni Chuilleanain came up last year

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      How about a general theme of freedom , links with the rebellion and also current migrant crisis and Syrian conflict etc ? it came up on the mocks so could be a possibility ?

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      Anyone with any advices? Ni Chuilleanain appeared last year which is unlikely again this year. Eliot hasn't come up in 5 years? Plath has been on the paper 4 times already. Dickinson came up 2 years ago which is likely this year. Paul Durcan has never came up in the paper before so maybe this year. Bishop is likely too. Don't know about Yeats because SEC probably knows that all the teachers are capable of predicting it due to the Rising so they might eliminate it.

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      because heany didn't come up when he died and everyone was predicting it , it could be that they will put yeats up but if yeats come up it will be a hard question due to everyone intensely studying him.

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      Paul by any chance would you have any notes or sample answers on Durkan ? Would be greatly appreciated!!

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      Yeats and Durcan came up in both pre papers this year. I'm doubtful that they'll come up because it's too predictable. But that's just my opinion

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