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    Poetry-Irish Poets Rachel_8010

    Hi I'm just wondering if there's a chance to that Eilean Ni Chuilleanain will come up instead of Durcan and Yeats. I know that Durcan is new to the course and Yeats is important for the 1916 Rising. But they both came up in two mock papers this year. So I'm wondering what ye think will come up. Any suggestions will be appreciated

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      I don't think Eileen will come up, she's came up the last two years. I doubt Plath will come up either cos she was up a good few times. Yeats might be a bit too obvious but Theres a good chance he actually might come up. I think bishop has the strongest chance of coming up!:)

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      I've a feeling Yeats will come up in paper one in a comprehension like Séamus Heaney did in 2014(the year he died) the year he was guaranteed to be on the paper.But who knows!

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      Thanks. I appreciate it

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      are ye all learning 5 poets??

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      6 poets :)

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      I've got 3 Irish and 3 female including Ni Chuilleanain done but the questions are pretty awkward for Yeats so I think I'll go learn 4 female poets

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