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Poetry predictions? Larkin/ Bishop
gillianh16 Leaving Cert English — 21/05/16 2

We've studied Yeats, Plath, Durcan, Larkin and Bishop. Does anybody have any guesses on the probability of Larkin or Bishop coming up?

michaels — 15/05/16
You're 100 percent sorted out with those 5. You just need to be able to write 4/5 pages on each
jozx7r — 21/05/16
You're definitely sorted with those, I was told Bishop could be a good prediction, as well as Durcan since it's his first year! And because of the 1916 Rising, Yeats could be a good possibility .. then again you can't depend on predictions but I'm almost sure you'll get AT LEAST one of them, if not a few
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