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    poetry- sylvia plath 10cchristianson

    does anyone have notes on sylvia plath that are useful as i have a test coming up and dont understand a thing because ive been out. im doing ordinary level

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      What kind of notes are you looking for?

      If you have missed lots ask your teacher to help you catch up.

      The main thing you should do is to examine the theme, language, imagery in her poetry. Her poetry involves a lot of suffering so compare the suffering when its feels that there may be some kind of redemption or when she is just completely depressed with no hope at all. Try to use lots of you own opinions as well for example in 'Poppies in July' all I can picture is bright red flowers swarming a green field but then you read on and see the suffering and absolute numbness to pain.

      I have to say I'm not fully sure what ordinary L.C questions entail but do look at past papers to get an idea of what commonly is asked :)

      Hope this helps, any problems don't hesitate to ask!

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      thanks so much

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