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    Poetry - You only need to study three poets this year Norton

    So there are a number of poets prescribed for the English exam this year. Three of which are females.

    Every year there is both male and female poets. Everyone is tricked into studying 6 poets, but really you can easily get away with study 3.

    Plath, Dickinson and Ni Chuilineain are the female poets for this year. Study them and you're sorted. However Ni Chuilineain is more likely to come up this year since she's new, not dead, is Irish (always an Irish poet) and is just all the hype this year.

    There's my suggestion. It's not even a suggestion. I'm telling you just study the three!! You'd be mad to study all 6.

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      Why would ya bother studying six ?? With five ya have a definite

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      I'm not studying Yeats because I prefer my other five, but I heard Yeats might come up because its the 150th anniversary or something like that!

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      Frost and Montague havent showed up since 06, truth is youd be a fool not to study 5

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      frost monague and ni chuilineain me thinks

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      Yeats, Montague and Ní Chuilleanáin are certs!

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      Yeats won't come up this year, he was up last year and also the anniversary of the 1916 rising is next year and some of his poems are based on the rising that's what I've been told anyway😊

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      frost hardy montague.. banking on it!

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