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Poets-2016 how many are necessary
o power Leaving Cert English — 01/06/16 5

Studying Durcan Yeats Bishop and Plath would you be okay with 4 ?

commanderx11 — 31/05/16
I'm just studying the same but instead of Plath I'm studying Durcan because I think a live Irish poet comes up each year so.
eimeartester — 01/06/16
No in order for you to be guarantees that a poet you studied comes up you will have to study 6 poets, good luck :)
John smith234 — 01/06/16
no you dont eimear thats a lie.
John smith234 — 01/06/16
Theres only 8 poets on the course and you are saying study 6 haha.
Sarah_7402 — 01/06/16
You'd be okay with them but it'd be a problem if say only one of those poets came up and the question was horrible. Know at least 5 I'd recommend :)
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