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Poets and quotes
Dorgan123 Leaving Cert English — 07/06/16 5

Would I be okay just studying Eliot, Dickinson and Durcan? And is 1 quote from each poem enough? (Doing 6 poems per poet)

Needle-Beard — 06/06/16
Yeah I'd say one word would actually do you for each poet ^
taia.gordei — 06/06/16
Unless they're extremeley long quotes I wouldn't suggest it, maybe around 4/5 quotes per poem, even though it's a good bit, it'll give you the extra marks :)
taia.gordei — 06/06/16
Dorgan123 — 06/06/16
There's certain poems that are only like 10 lines and there's ones that are about 2 pages long, any idea on how to pick out the key ones?
Ross_4845 — 07/06/16
try use ones that could be of multiple benefit to you eg a line with good imagery which is alsi a simile etc. Less for you to learn but will help you get more marks
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