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    Predictions for King Lear and poetry Rachstauntoes

    Any ideas on questions for King Lewr and poetry?

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      It's durcans first year on the course so he's a strong possibility, and even better I've been told it should be an easy question because the first year of poets usually are so something along the lines of how he combines private and public life. Also Yeats because he had so much to do with 1916 rising etc

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      Mehak nasim

      yeats might come up as an unseen poet

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      I've heard people say that they think Lear will come up as a character question, or Cordelia

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      It's Yeats last year on the course for the next 2 years if he doesn't come up this year he won't be on the paper for 4 years it's durcan a first year yes but he is also on it next year so I think Yeats will come up but it will be a horrible question

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      Is it not his last year on the course but just hasn't come up yet?

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