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    Question on how much to write for each mark Michelle.des18


    Does anyone know how much must you write for each mark as in how many pages for each like 30marks 40 marks 50marks 60marks 70marks 80marks 90marks 100marks. I want to know for each mark please.

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      It depends totally on the question. And also your structure (paragraphs)

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      Single text should be about 4 pages, same for comparative, 3.5 pages for prescribed poetry

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      This is what I do:

      Paper 1:

      -Comprehension: 1 per answer

      -Functional Writing: 2

      -Composition: 4.5

      Paper 2:

      -Single text: 4

      -Comparative: 4.5

      -Unseen Poetry: 1.5

      -Seen Poetry: 4

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      Thanks for your help @Paulfarren @DavidK

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      I never tell my students how much to write in 'pages', because students have different styles and sizes of writing. The 'pages' tactic should only be used as a rough guide. For example, it's obvious that you must write more for the Composition, as opposed to the Functional Writing.

      You will be far better off thinking about this a different way (remember quantity does not equal quality):

      1) Answer the question explicitly and continually refer to it. This is where you pick up marks under P = Purpose

      2) For Comprehensions and the Unseen Poetry, think "5 marks per paragraph / well-made point". So, unless instructed otherwise, a 10m question should have 2 clear, distinct, well-made points; a 15m should have 3; and so on. I have taught students with very different writing styles - one used to write a whole page for a 10m question and the other used to only reach over half a page. Both scored about the same.

      3) For Functional Writing (50m), first and foremost think of what your are writing (e.g. a letter; a talk), then the purpose of what you are writing, and then think of your audience. Then, plan your argument / writing. After that, you should have an idea of how much to write. There's no way a letter for a job application needs to be 2 A4 pages.

      4) For the Composition, you do need to compose an extended piece and here, you should be writing at least 4 pages. The reason I say that here is because you cannot apply the 5m per paragraph to this essay because each one is so unique. Just keep in mind; this is an extended piece of writing.

      5) For the Comparative, Prescribed Poetry, Single Text, first and foremost your answer should take cognizance of the amount of marks apportioned to the question.

      For the Comparative:

      1) Are you doing the 70m question or the 30m + 40m?

      First and foremost, ANSWER the question and MAKE COMPARISONS (if required). Second, if answering the 30m question, make at least 5 clear points, supported by reference to the text. For the 40m, make at least 6 - 7 clear points and COMPARE/CONTRAST continually. If you choose the 70m question, your essay must have a clear structure and layout. It's worth asking your teacher how to go about this because there are a few different ways.

      For the Single Text:

      1) Deal with the question and constantly refer back to it. Support your points with continuous reference to the text. Plan your answer beforehand. As a guide, I tell my students to make at least 5 well-made, well-supported points.This could translate into say 1 or 2 paragraphs for each point. It varies.

      For Poetry:

      1) Answer the question directly and support your answer with reference to the poetry. Discuss AT LEAST 3 poems (3 may be enough depending on the poet and poems chosen). You probably won't have room to discuss more than 5 (unless you are writing about a poet who has a number of short poems, i.e. Plath, Durcan).

      REMEMBER: YOU MUST ANSWER THE QUESTION. There has been a clamp-down in recent years on regurgitated, learned-off answers, which do not deal explicitly with the question. Focus more on planning a response to the question, in light of the above, rather than thinking too much about "how much I should write".

      Quality not quantity.

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