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Questions on Paul Durcan
Katie_6415 Leaving Cert English — 23/05/16 5

Would anyone have any essay titles for Paul Durcan that your teacher gave in school. I'd really appreciate it as I'm looking for some questions to practice.

oxter — 15/05/16
'What did the impact of the poetry of Paul Durcan have on you? Explain in relation to his themes and style.' That's one I got told to do.
lcstudent — 17/05/16
does anyone have a sample essay on durcan? please?
jozx7r — 21/05/16
I was given a question about his family life before .. I can't remember the question exactly but it was based around relationships and family life (he didn't have a good relationship with his father)
Amym22 — 23/05/16
I was given "Durcan has a gift or creating something out of nothing in his poetry. Discuss this statement" it's a vague question but might help
Katie_6415 — 23/05/16
Thanks a mill for the questions ;-)
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