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    Single Text Question michellemcc98

    does anybody have any predictions for what questions might come up for King Lear?

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      blindness or tragic hero?

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      In previous years when Lear has been examined the questions have been open, to varying degrees, but broadly speaking they were based on:

      2006 - (i) Style, and (ii) Open

      2010 - (i) Theme/Open, and (ii) Character

      There is little point in trying to guess, specifically, what will come up. You're better off having a good knowledge of the play; it's plot, style, characters (3 - 4) and its themes (3 - 4). Then, you can draw on this knowledge and mould it to answer a question.

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      I think a style technique question is due!

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      I did a revision course of King Lear and the teacher was an examiner and thinks style/ dramatic techniques and functions could come up. Also know your characters really well. Character questions come up a lot. :)

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