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    Structure problems? Niamhe97

    I need some help with how to go about structuring essays? I know the information regards King Lear, Poetry and the Comparative texts, but I don't know the correct way of putting it down on the page. Our teacher doesn't get us to write essays and if we do we don't get them back corrected for months, and that's not even exaggerating.

    I noticed when I write a poetry or Lear answer it can sometimes be difficult to follow, and that's my main problem, what way were you told to go about writing them? is there a certain layout?

    Thanks for reading

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      You're no the only one!!!

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      Its ridiculous isn't it! 😂

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      My exact problem 😭 sometimes I think I lose marks because of this and it just feels like it's not a proper essay and lacking direction.. If you find any posts or tips about this please let me know 🙏🏼

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      My teacher is the same, I got the LC Key Notes book 2016. It has all the Lear essays on characters, themes etc., all the poets as well as the comparative notes (Plough and the stars, Kings Speech and Foster). Some of the answers are a bit long but the answers are really good

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      I feel the exact same way Leah! I will of course 🙈 that sounds so handy thank you I'll her that

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      You have to make your answers flow as best you can and adapt notes you have or can find. If youre answering about a tragic hero for example and youre making a point about how this is shown at a point in the play (I don't know king lear I'm doing Hamlet) then try to link the end of that point to the beginning of the next one. I would prepare a general guideline to follow for different answers. One on character, theme, etc. and try to adapt to whatever comes up on the day.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

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      Thank you so much, that's so helpful! I'll definitely be trying the general guidelines

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