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Studied poets??
CosmoCronin Leaving Cert English — 07/06/16 5

Bishop, Yeats, durcan and Larkin. Is that safe?

kelseytdcc17 — 06/06/16
id say learn eliot too he seems to be a favourite in the predictions ive seen
AaronP47 — 07/06/16
You've learned exactly what I've learned Yeats is by far the most likely to show up because of 1916 We should be fine
jordanpalmer12 — 07/06/16
A female poet has to come up too, wouldn't hurt to learn Plath or NiC too
AaronP47 — 07/06/16
^Plath's shown up to often in recent exams...it's unlikely she'll be asked again
cooldude7878 — 07/06/16
Can two Irish poets be on it ?
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