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    Study tips wanted! Brona123k

    I'm finding it impossibe to get above a C3/C2 in this subject, has anyone got any study hints or writing hints? Struggling! :(

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      Depends on the areas your struggling with.

      Composing: Read books every day that you enjoy reading, and write stories and essays often, that's really it. Practice with subjects of past paper essays and use the marking scheme.

      Single text: Learn the quotes off by heart and accurately, only use them where relevant, quotes just thrown in will undermine your answer. And of course know the characters, relationships, plot, key scenes and such. Try to find sample questions, possibly from past papers about your text

      Seen Poetry: Learn off the required poems accurately. Learn backgrounds about each poet for the start of your essays and practice writing short essays on that poet using the same structure as they ask it in the exam. Practice questions from past papers.

      Unseen Poetry: Read the poem reflectively, a big thing people don't do in the exam. Read it like you would read a complex philosophical piece, look for the metaphorical meanings, don't just see the literal. Know your poetic techniques like the back of your hand, know how to Point, Quote, Explain, and don't forget in the explaining to analyse the quote, and pick out techniques and subtle meanings. Practice doing questions on past papers.

      Comprehension: PQE, PQE, PQE. and Practice, you'll eventually get so good at them you'll be able to pick out what questions their gonna ask just by reading it and know what your answer is gonna be like. Also read the questions first, then read the text, and underline points pertaining to the questions, itll save you the headache and time wasting of losing what line you were reading from.

      Comparative Study: Know the texts, know their comparisons AND their differences, something a lot of people forget, know the relevant quotes.

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      Thankyou so much!

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      When doing paper 2 make sure you don't just retell the story the examiner told ,e you would get no marks for it the information must me relevant to the questions, try use key moments in the texts as well

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