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    Studying HL English Becky_7004

    Does any body have any tips on how to study for English? Trying to obtain a H3 in it but I'm finding it difficult to study. If anybody would have any suggestions on how to study it regards poetry,hamlet,compartive etc I would be very grateful!!

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      What's worked for me:

      Buy a thesaurus (it's looks like a dictionary, but instead of definitions it has alternative words with the same meaning) to build vocab, do a lot of writing and ask your teacher to correct it and do online research about poetry and Hamlet (there are sooo many websites and videos about them)

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      Learn quotes, like alot of quotes. Try to learn one a day from anything. The rest often relies on practising exam questions and doing essays. If you're good at writing in general you can probably get a H3 or H2 by just doing this. Knowing the lives of poets, the context of Hamlet and the similarities between the comparative are all crucial as well. Just think about each of those and form notes. If you're the kind of person who likes tidy and clean notes then invest in good paper and pens.

      Using different words and well balanced sentences is important but if you have to rely on a thesaurus there's something wrong. There's no need to use words like "ubiquitous" or "philistine" when "narrow minded" and "common" exist.

      And yeah there are aloot of resources out there to use.

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      Thanks a lot for the info!! If anybody else has tips and tricks please keep commenting below!!

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