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URGENT- Female poets
HontheLC Leaving Cert English — 08/06/16 3

It may seem like an obvious answer but is there ANY possibility that they could put four female poets up? Dickinson, Bishop, Plath and Ní Chuileanáin? Doesnt there have to be a male always??

njhoran — 08/06/16
They wouldn't do it. Honestly they can do whatever they want. But they wouldn't.
HontheLC — 08/06/16
They had better not.. Im going to learn the four males and take a chance, thanks !
Bishop and Dickinson have a good chance, but also TS Eliot hasn't come up in 6 yrs. There's a possibility that two female poets will come up as the last time this many female poets were on the course two were on the exam.
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