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    What do people think the likelihood of Eileain ni chuilleanain coming up is? John smith234


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      She came up last year so I would say not too likely. Just know 5 poets

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      no chance.

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      I think she will. I know thousands of people disagree with me but I think there is an extremely high chance. Durcan and Yeats came up in 2 mock papers. I think that they'll do something like they did with seamus heaney. I think that they'll make a reading comprehension on one of them or even put one as an unseen poet. My point is that if you are learning the Irish poets do ALL 3. Don't cross Ní Chuilleanain out because she came up last year. Best of luck in your exams.

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      John smith234

      I agree with your advice rachel i was trying to lower my workload haha but i guess its better to know an extra poet and be safe then do less work and the poet doesn't appear.

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      Your always guaranteed an Irish poet though. And if one does come up as an unseen poet you'll be sorted for that piece too. Just know they're themes and preoccupations as well as they're main techniciques

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      I have the background of Yeats and Durcan as well as their preoccupations if you want. Just give me your email

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      Would you mind sending me the Durkan notes would be greatly appreciated

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      could you send the durcan notes to me too thanks

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      me too please

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      I would also greatly appreciate if you could send me the Durcan notes

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      Same here, please :)

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      Can you send me Durcan notes too please?

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      Could you send me on the Durban notes too please

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      Mc Dyer

      Same here, do you mind sending me them thanks?

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