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    French mock Conormaguire499

    Anyone know what came up on the DEB french mock?

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      Cheers :)

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      Any luck on boards ?

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      Q. 1. a). Statement about drugs, that they are a "fleau" (scourge) on our society - give your reaction.

      b). Write about two weeks you spent in France

      Q.2. a). Journal about your first 2 weeks working in France, everyone is very happy with you except your boss

      b). A letter to a college, (I didn't do this one)

      Q.3. a). Statement along the lines of - social networks are everywhere, do you really need 200/500/5000 friends, friendship is more than just a face on a screen - followed by the question "What do you think of social networks?"

      b). Unemployment and emigration in Ireland, what effect it has, one in every 5 young people emigrate

      Q.4. a). This was about animals, I didn't really understand it

      b). Just a slogan "Contre le Racisme" (Against Racism)

      & they ask for you to pick out an adverb and a verbe pronominaux in the 2 comprehensions

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      What was the aural bit like? :)

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      do ya write about them all or is it a or b ?

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      A or b answer q1 and 2 out of 2,3,4

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      Is this accurate?

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      Our mock paper was completly different. for the long questions Q.1 Was should we eat healthy food and why. Q.2 journal intime. you use online shopping but then you get a massive bill. Q.3 was global warming in france Q.4 was statistics on how a student spends there week.

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      we had those exact questions

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