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    Opinion Piece vocab sharing Lyonsieee

    Heya lads, if we all pool together our vocab for different topics we could lessen the load for everyone!

    For example, l'environnment, les drogues, celebrites, etc

    or just general fillers and phrases!

    e.g. 'pour les raisons susmentionné, je suis tout d'accord avec cette affirmation'

    Just an idea :) good luck

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      Quelle surprise! Tu as raison!

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      Good idea, i don't suppose you have any phrases/ 90 word pieces on celebrities and their influence on society?

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      Je pense que les celebrities jouent une mauvaise role dans notre societe.Malheuresement les gens fameux donnent un terrible exemple pour les jeunes irlandaises.Prenons Miley Cyrus par emeple. there you go thres a few accents missing bcus i dnt know how to do them on the computer

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      Thanks a million!! Appreciate it.

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      id say its highly unlikely an opinion piece on celebritys will come up because its not very topical and it cam eup recently

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      it acctually is quite topical and i just dont want to rule anything out tbh just incase.

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      An excellent idea. Words like surtout, d'abord, sauf etc..

      Would really appreciate a wider library of words.

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      My basic layout for any opinion piece is - cause

      - consequence(s)


      like for example with celebrities the cause would be the question like 'celebrities have a bad influence on teenagers'

      than the consequence would be how it affects teens, its advantages and disadvantages

      and so the solutions would be how we can avoid it, like celebrities should be more careful in throughout their actions

      i think it helps keep me focused on the question and it also helps the answer flow..

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      Kate Curley

      le systeme de santé est dans un mauvais etat:

      A vrai dire , cest le pire qu’on n’ait jamais connu. jirais jusqu’ a dire que nous avons atteint une crise ou que vous alliez en irlande on entend parler des malades qui doivent attendre des heures pour voir un medecin..

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      Can anyone tell me some phrases when talking abouttechnology?

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      does any one have good opening and closing paragraphs for the opinion piece? one that u can us for any question??

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      "Je suis d'accord even cette declaration pour tout un tas des raisons" I pretty much start most of mine with that if it's appropriate!

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