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    A small question about the beginning of the french oral John smith234

    At the start the examiner would greet you in french and i was wondering does it matter at all what you say? Sometimes i say bonjour or othertimes salut, but i read online that echante means nice to meet you and i was thinking it would make you stand out a bit more than the generic salut and help in your overall mark? so i would say Salut echante madame etc.

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      John smith234

      And another question, beginning your reply to the examiners question and saying ouais(yeah) instead of oui?

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      John smith234

      And if the examiner asks if you like something like at tv show or something and you kinda like it but not that much you would say mouais?

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      We were told to always say Bonjour, because it's more polite and formal, Enchante is probably grand too. Salut is something you'd say to a friend. I'm not sure about ouais, I'd say you're safer just saying oui if you're not sure about it.

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      Stay formal! Use Bonjour Monsieur / Madame! Enchate is ok, and plenty S il vous plait and merci! Use OUI not any other more informal form - hope this helps

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      You can use both. Bonjour, J'mapelle Royal! Je suis enchante de vous rencontre

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