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Answers and opinions le do thoil
bio1 Leaving Cert French — 31/05/17 20

Answers for grammar. Anyone else get nessecera or something like that in comp1 and Paul for lui on comp 2?

aichayabre — 15/06/16
Yeah I got nécessitera...but I got courriel for the other part I think
mazzagirl24 — 15/06/16
i got nécessitera and la jeune femme
bio1 — 15/06/16
Oh good! Lui means his tho
Bengee — 15/06/16
lui can mean him or her
jen1293 — 15/06/16
necessitera and la jeune femme. Lui is him/her and paul wasnt mentioned in that sentence, so it was la jenne femme.
aimer — 15/06/16
I said nécessitera et la jeune femme
aichayabre — 15/06/16
does anyone remember the sentence for the 'lui' though?
Bengee — 15/06/16
La jeune femme referma le courrier, comme s’il lui avait brûlé les yeux qu’elle gardait pourtant rivés sur l’écran.
aichayabre — 15/06/16
Oh okay it's the woman
laylalushni — 15/06/16
i asked my dad who's fluent at french and he said the lui actually refers back to "courrier", because the sentence means the woman closed the mail as if IT burned the eyes
aichayabre — 15/06/16
Yes! I hope that's true cause I said courrier
cupcake21 — 16/06/16
il avait brûlé les yeux means it burned the eyes il lui avait brûlé les yeux means it burned her eyes.. in french you don't tend to say my/your/her eyes .. its usually the
bio1 — 16/06/16
CF1997 — 16/06/16
it asked what "mot", which word...singuler does lui replace. it was noticing this that made me change my answer from the woman to courrier...hope thats right
aimer — 16/06/16
Anyone get what 2 things Thomas helped in his workshop in the listening? ?
WPEC — 16/06/16
Replaced a ladies phone screen and repaired his neighbours microwave; How many lightning bolts in last section? I said 28 ,000
aichayabre — 16/06/16
I think when I was writing that section I said "fixed" instead of replace even though I clearly heard 'replace' hmm
bio1 — 16/06/16
ya 28000! ordinary level paper had option so it was 28000.
aimer — 16/06/16
If it is 28000 , that's such an unrealistic amount of lightning bolts for one morning which would've made people such as myself change it to 28!:((
erin1998 — 31/05/17
I know that this is an old post, but the answer is 'femme'. it asks for a word so you do not include the 'la jeune'. the sentence translates to; 'The young woman closed the mail, as if it had burned her eyes...'
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