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Best way to prepare for the aural?
Amanda April Leaving Cert French — 15/05/16 3

Up until now, the aural up remains my weak point in French. I just find it especially difficult to study for aurals as my resources are limited and I am not given much help individually. How has your class, or you, approached learning for the aural? My teacher so far has been doing all aural exams since 2000's with us, but apart from that, the only other thing she has done is give advice, e.g. watch french media like movies or news reports. And in honesty, all my results for the Higher Level aurals have been quite bad; usually they are within the percentage ranges of the 10's to 30's and it is not improving at all. However, I can easily score a 90-100% on the Ordinary Level. There is such a huge gap between the levels in the aurals. How would you suggest that I improve upon this?

larabrennox — 12/05/16
studyclix has ways how you can practise them, section by section. Im weak too but best way is to go through them. then listen back to it with the marking scheme to try and get yourself to hear and understand the answers. As most of the same stuff comes up everytime.
what.the.matter.is.the — 13/05/16
I used to be really bad at the aurals until I started listening to french tv shows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV6SDDlc60g&list=PLAZxBB3JZTj7w3caHHt37WBmqVXSLyhw5 This was one of them. They really do help and make sure you turn on the subtitles. Read the subtitles while listening to the audio and then keep imagining in your head what they are saying. Slowly, but surely you will begin to understand the aural very easily. It's just the way of speaking that you need to get your head around, the vocab should be fine on the aural considering the past few years.
Katie_6415 — 15/05/16
Hi, I also find it really useful to watch French TV. Kids cartoons like petit Nicholas are great because they speak relatively slowly and are specially designed for learning the language. Hope this helps :)
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