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    Essays mariosascuzz

    What essays are people thinking will come up? My teacher said water charges or homelessness, but I've heard others say terrorism? I don't have a clue now.. Help me!

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      You should definitely focus on the environment (not just water charges), durgs (as they have never come up) and the topic of young people/friendships as it comes up most years in the diary entry.

      Don't stress yourself out too much trying to learn essays off by heart, make sure you know vocab and key phrases on all of the main topics: environment, drugs, health, economy, alcohol etc and you should be fine! Make sure you know all your key words and phrases for the essay and diary entry too! 'Pour commencer, sans aucun doute, je suis tout a fait d'accord avec cet avis que.. etc!

      Have a look at the book 'bien dit' if you can as it has such good key phrases!

      Hope that helps!

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      Oh thank you so much, that was such a good help thank you :-)

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      Oh in the first sentence i said durgs instead of drugs sorry typo!

      No problem at all x

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