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emmalousa Leaving Cert French — 29/05/16 10

I go to grinds weekly to an excellent teacher who teaches in a private school and for the past 6 years she's predicted the topics correctly on the french paper, she told me she's expecting enviornment on the 2016 french paper as an opinion question as it hasn't been up since 2009 and something got to do with poverty what do you guys think could come up ???

chealse fc — 06/05/16
a french paper can not be complete without any of these: role of women, sports , alcohol/smoking , social media/internet, fashion education , city/country side and friends/school/Ireland and France
Sarah_7402 — 06/05/16
I think migration, obesity maybe, sport (because of Olympics), Environment, something about the EU (because of Britain wanting to leave), Irish culture/language (why its important to learn Irish etc.) is it important to learn foreign languages, Doping in sport...it could literally be anything relevant int he news. Terrorism came up last year so I reckon it'll be refugee/migration this year :)
kimirwin123 — 11/05/16
Heya Emma, does your teacher teach in Dublim School of Grinds and if so what does she predict for the main opinion piece ?
Jamie004 — 16/05/16
Refugees, Environment, Obesity (I really feel like this will come up), Crime, Technology and maybe 1916 or doping in sport. I'd also know a bit about accidents on the road, just in case.
Ammurphy — 17/05/16
Have you any other tips your grinds teacher gave you Emma? :)
katieh27742 — 20/05/16
anyone have any sample opinion pieces im really stuck please
Ciara_4317 — 22/05/16
emmalousa — 22/05/16
My teacher said she thinks environment, obesity, the Olympics, refugees, obesity,drugs,doping in sport or poverty could come up that's what she is expecting she's always right with something on the paper so I have full belief in her predictions tbh
ashes204 — 23/05/16
@emmalousa hey emma if you have any notes on those topics would you mind sending them to me? could really do with the help tbh! aislingbukulin@gmail.com
sophie_122 — 29/05/16
@emmalouise if you are sending any notes could you help a sista out also in much need of some last minute notes xxxxxx sophieamj@gmail.com
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