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HL French Predictions??
emilygg30 Leaving Cert French — 14/06/16 44

Environment, obesity, migration and refugees seem to be the top four predictions, anything else?

emma_456 — 14/06/16
maybe sport due to the euros?
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
You're right! Thank you!
Becky Fleming — 14/06/16
also Olympics ! Its on this summer
Ireland1997 — 14/06/16
Anyone have key notes on these topics
Megan Duffy — 14/06/16
Emily could you send me your refugee essay? All we've done is racism and terrorism be great help if you could send it ! �� Megan.duffy98@gmail.com
Rachelm18 — 14/06/16
What about doping in sport?
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
I'm so sorry Megan, I don't have that essay done out I just saw a lot of people predicting it��
peterodonnell777 — 14/06/16
Megan I'll email you a refugee essay for a terrorism essay? peterodonnell777@gmail.com
Becky Fleming — 14/06/16
ive an essay on le dopage et le sport if anyone of ye want it ? I only have it on a sheet so I don't know how ill get it to ye !
John smith234 — 14/06/16
Does anyone know when the papers are made? Does the terroism in november affect what could come up or was that too late?
mazzagirl24 — 14/06/16
Becky i'd love your essay on le dopage! could you send it please?
Becky Fleming — 14/06/16
sure! whats your email ?
Shaunadurcan — 14/06/16
Becky could I please get your essay also?
mazzagirl24 — 14/06/16
orourkemolly24@gmail.com If its a sheet you could always take a photo :) thank you
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
emdubl1n@hotmail.com is my email if anyone could send me any essays I'd really appreciate it, I'm stressing so much��
Rachelm18 — 14/06/16
Could I have it becky pls. rachelmacken370@gmail.com
Chloe_2060 — 14/06/16
Would you be able to send me that too becky :) my email is chloejmc5@gmail.com
emmaklardner — 14/06/16
could i have that aswell please becky?:) emmaklardner@gmail.com
Megan Duffy — 14/06/16
It's okay Emily don't worry :) , I sent it Peter !
Grace_1345 — 14/06/16
Could i get the essay on le dopage please Becky! missfreyacasey@gmail.com
skmayrtehn — 14/06/16
Sorry Becky but would you be able to send it too me also smythkaren98@gmail.com
Rackel12 — 14/06/16
Are u sure refugees will come up even tho they came up in the mocks
Becky Fleming — 14/06/16
hope ye all got it ! can any of ye send me some please
Shannonoflynn1 — 14/06/16
Would any of you be able to send me that le dopage essay please? ��
kellymcgrath1 — 14/06/16
Can someone send me le dopage essay please ��
emma_456 — 14/06/16
Can anyone send me the le dopage essay? emmakearns2012@hotmail.com, i have essays on the syriens and obesity and notes on other topics
Shannonoflynn1 — 14/06/16
kellymcgrath1 — 14/06/16
Aoifec323 — 14/06/16
Can I get the doping essay too please aoifeca@icloud.com
nyar — 14/06/16
Could i get the essay on le dopage please Becky! snowleopard312@gmail.com
kayleighd34 — 14/06/16
Becky Fleming could you send me that essay on le dopage please my email is jessica1hopkins@hotmail.com
Maisiep02 — 14/06/16
could someone please send me the sport essay- maevephelan32@gmail.com thanks :)
Janine_Nestor — 14/06/16
Can someone please forward the dopage essay on to me please janine.nestor.pcs@gmail.com
Sarahnash16 — 14/06/16
could someone please send me the sort and refugee essay thanks - sarahnash96@gmail.com
Sarahnash16 — 14/06/16
could someone please send me the sport and the refugee essay please sarahnash96@gmail.com
jade24b — 14/06/16
could anyone could send me the sport essay please? jade24b@hotmail.com
ellenryan — 14/06/16
hey becky could you send it to me aswell please ellen_r_@hotmail.com any one but especially the dopage one thanks x
Becky Fleming — 14/06/16
add itsbecky.7 .....on sc its just easier for me
imole — 14/06/16
could someone send me the notes on obesity please? my email is: imoleajayishs@gmail.com thank you
Sophieb_ — 14/06/16
please... sophieberney72@live.com
johnroberts983 — 14/06/16
doping essay - https://gyazo.com/80afde7d20ab6b250294abf4994a9a49
CiaraFlynn — 14/06/16
Can I get the obesity essay off somebody please? ciaraf136@gmail.com
skmayrtehn — 14/06/16
Could anyone send me notes on terrorism and inequality please xx smythkaren98@gmail.com
Izzy_4926 — 14/06/16
emma_456 would you be able to send me your essay on obesity please??? izzyflano01@gmail.com
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