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Irish culture/ 1916
sinlinsin Leaving Cert French — 14/06/16 19

Anybody have any essays on this? Our teacher didn't do it with us and i can't find anything anywhere :(

Rachelm18 — 14/06/16
Yup! Email? Sc? Do u think it's likely
sinlinsin — 14/06/16
Thanks!:o sineadlinden1@gmail.com Yeah I feel like it is.. Our teacher told us it was but then didn't teach us it :/
aoifevalentine99 — 14/06/16
Can you send me them too ?? aoifevalentine99@gmail.com
Stabilobosss — 14/06/16
hey could I get that aswell thanks :) georgedemedicii@gmail.com
Kate_2346 — 14/06/16
i would be greatful for those notes too :) Please. katenihill@hotmail.com
skmayrtehn — 14/06/16
Rachelm18 could you please send them notes on too me too smythkaren98@gmail.com
squinn2016 — 14/06/16
could you please send me them as well please! :) sophieq9@gmail.com
cassidy — 14/06/16
could you send it to me please too; ella.kathleen.cassidy@gmail.com
Katieee0317 — 14/06/16
If someone wouldn't mind sending them to me too? katiedelapp10@yahoo.ie
Dervs — 14/06/16
Hey could you send it to me too? deirbhileward13@gmail.com
Chloe_2060 — 14/06/16
Could someone send it to me too please chloejmc5@gmail.com
Cait99 — 14/06/16
Could you send it to me too please? Thank you so much! ckatcasy@gmail.com
dervlaaaaa — 14/06/16
Would you be able to them to me too please? :) dervladuhig@hotmail.com
aimer — 14/06/16
Please could you send them on! I've nothing on 1916 for french!! aimcro12@gmail.com
Rachelm18 — 14/06/16
What's all ur sc? Email nt responding
Dervs — 14/06/16
deirbhileward13! :)
Dervs — 14/06/16
(No exclamation mark lol) just deirbhileward13
Dervs — 14/06/16
(No exclamation mark lol) just deirbhileward13
Rachelm18 — 14/06/16
Who ever wants it add my sc rachmack17
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